COMPETITION at NORTON  - July 9, 2016

1.       Teams from each tower in the Daventry branch are encouraged to enter.  Additionally arrangements will be available on the day to enable the participation of ringers from towers unable to enter a complete band.

2.       Less experienced ringers are encouraged to participate, subject to being able to ring without manual supervision in their own tower.  Supervision will be available during the competition if required for safety purposes.

3.       No ringer shall ring in more than two teams.

4.       The order of ringing shall be by draw held at 3pm on the day at the tower, except that the order may be altered at the discretion of the Branch Ringing Master to accommodate teams or ringers with time constraints.

5.       Each team shall have five minutes, before their test piece, to become accustomed to ringing the bells.

6.       The test piece shall consist of 120 rows of rounds, call changes or method ringing struck as well as the team may manage. 

7.       The 120 changes after the first change, will be judged. The intention to ring only rounds must be advised to the Branch Ringing Master before the test piece begins and the 120 judged rows will start after five whole pulls.

8.       Each team shall signal that they are ready to start the test piece by ringing the tenor for two whole pulls.

9.       The method of judging shall be determined by the judge(s), whose decision shall be final.

10.   If the number of entries is higher than expected, changes to the competition start time and the time allowed to get accustomed to ringing the bells may be changed for all teams by the Branch Ringing Master.

Would team leaders (on behalf of tower teams) and individual ringers not associated with a tower team please notify me (pdgdavmaster@gmail.com - 01604 831346 - 07743179763) by the Thursday previous to the competition of their intention to participate.  Please be available at 2:45pm for team selection and the draw for order of ringing so that the competition ringing can start at 3pm.  If a time restraint applies (see rule 4) please indicate so that I may attempt to take this into consideration at the time of the draw for ringing order.

 JRW 22/6/16

2016 Competition at Norton

The judges, John (Spike) and Jenny Thorne from Southam, who

 set up their office below a Adnams Beer ‘sun’-shade outside the

 north of the chancel, again gave their helpful comments and the

 announced the positions in reverse order, and presented each

 with a certificate. The winning team, who rang Plain Bob Minimus

 with a tenor cover were presented with the Ron Woodward

 Trophy to hold for the year:










Heyford with Stowe IX Churches and Flore with Brockhall Monday group




Bugbrooke & Newnham




Badby Practice Night








Braunston Monday Club




Heyford with Stowe IX Churches and Flore with Brockhall Friday group



Jenny Thorne (judge, right) presents the Ron Woodward Trophy to Geoff Pullin for the Badby Practice Night team to hold for the year.

The Badby Practice Night team: Geoff Pullin, Paul Richardson, Alison Buck, Barry Thompson and Carole Pullin

There was a tie, but no prize, for the team with the longest name!


2015 Competition at Hellidon

Waiting a turn or resting afterwards in Hellidon churchyard. 

The results of our first striking competition where the teams were selected on the day by lot was:

Team 1        Leader Brian F                  61 faults  placed   5th

Team 2        Leader Geoff                    44 faults                4th

Team 3        Leader Carole                  31 faults                1st

Team 4        Leader Gwynneth             42 faults                3rd

  Team 5        Leader Jim                      35 faults                2nd

The winning team comprising ringers from Badby, Everdon, Byfield, Farthingstone and Litchborough!

Judges Jenny and Spike Thorne present the Ron Woodward Trophy to Carole Pullin to share with her team!

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