Times for meetings will be: 3pm ringing, 4.30pm service, tea and meeting + 7pm to 8.30pm ringing.

Jan 14     DAVENTRY (10 Bells) - Annual Branch meeting

Feb 11     FLORE (6)                                + WHILTON (8)

Mar 11     BRAUNSTON (6)                      + RUGBY (8)

Apr 8       NEWNHAM (6)                         + SOUTHAM (8)

Apr 16   Easter Sunday 2017

Apr 29    Guild Spring Festival in Towcester Branch

May 13    Coach Outing to Potteries area

Jun 10    Guild AGM in Guilsborough Branch

Jul 8        WHILTON (8)                           + GT BRINGTON (6)

Aug 12    WEEDON (8)                            + DAVENTRY (10)

Sep 9       EVERDON (5)                           + STAVERTON (6)

Sep 16    Guild Summer Festival in Northampton Branch

Oct 7       Branch dinner

Oct 14     LITCHBOROUGH (5) striking competition - teams drawn on day

                                                                                     + BYFIELD (8)

Nov 11    WELTON (5)                              + LONG BUCKBY (8)

Dec 9       3.30pm BADBY (6)            + 7pm Carol Concert

Jan 13, 2018   DAVENTRY (10) - Annual Branch meeting

Feb 10     BYFIELD (8)                             + UPPER BODDINGTON (6)

Mar 10     NETHER HEYFORD (6)            + WEEDON (8)

Apr 1    Easter Sunday 2018

Apr 14     HARPOLE (6)                          + WHILTON (8)

Apr 21   Guild Spring Festival in Daventry Branch

Please contact the Branch Ringing Master if you need special help for your own or your tower’s ringing.

Chairman: Jane Rands pdgdavchair@gmail.com     Secretary: Alison Buck 07788 616826;     Ringing Master:  James Grennan  01327 261596 grennans@gmail.com      Steward: Brian Foley 01327 341215;       Treasurer: Christine Rodhouse 01327 830350,     cheques payable to “Daventry Branch Bellringers”  please.

Branch website: www.daventrybranch.btck.co.uk     Amended 18 /4/17

Click here for pdf version to print out for notice boards etc. 


Photo of assembled company outside St Modwen's Church, Burton on Trent by Alan Bailey


The usual branch preparation for the Summer Festival 8-bell competition worked again, but only just! -  a quarter peal at Whilton on Saturday morning. Our conductor, Ian, decreed that we were to aim for accurate fast ringing, so the quarter peal came round in 44 minutes.

In the afternoon, after general ringing at Chacombe and a quick look at the recently restored Bagley the Bellfounder’s gravestone, our team rang 3rd at Brackley, fast, as instructed, and this was remarked upon by the judges later. 

After the six teams had rung, and much splendid sandwiches, cakes and tea had been consumed the business of the day was transacted. Bell Fund grants were agreed of £3,200 to Wilbarston for some rehanging and the addition of a new bell and £375 to Roade for a rope guide, work on clappers, sliders and repainting of the frame (bright red, I understand!).  

Guild Master Andy Timms reported having consulted a diocesan officer about recruitment of non-churchgoers as ringers and gained the strong impression that there was no barrier except very occasionally from a parish incumbent.  

THE 100-CLUB is at its highest membership of 118 so the three prizes this month were £59, £29.50 and £11.80. The third went to Dorothy FitzGerald (please see me!). 

Then came the SUMMER PRIZE DRAW for 22 prizes (list attached) including a few for tickets sold in our branch.

The Secretary advised us that a large horde of Guild tea towels had been discovered in her loft – and sales at £2 each were going well. There are lots left – the design available in several colours of printing consist of the design of the front cover of the Guild Annual reports.

Then, at last, Andy could introduce the judges: Colin Lee formerly of Long Buckby and Andy Wignall from Nottingham. Andy W gave general comments on the ringing of each team and Colin announced the scores (100% = perfect) in reverse order:

6. Culworth 72%

5. Guilsborough 84%

4. Towcester 93%

2= Wellingborough 94%

2= Kettering 94%

1. Daventry 95%

A close squeak this time, but the first time anyone has won the trophy three times in a row since Kettering in 2008-10. Andy T did a good job in getting six branches to enter and Odette Dawkins to photograph them. Another branch nearly entered, leaving only the distant three north eastern branches not taking part.

There was well-supported general ringing at Whitfield with Ian Chapple in charge until dispersion to a pub at Syresham because the adjacent pub was full of sound, louder than the bells.  GHP


We have assembled our new bell simulator to its transportable bell frame ('Wombel' for short) for the first time and it had its first outing to Byfield Fete on a very wet Saturday (20/6/15).  It has also appeared at the Hobbies Fun Day at Welton (18/4/16) and Willoughby fête  (25/6/16)

We can take it along to any venue with enough headroom (3.5m) and let you have a go at ringing a bell.  We hope to prove that this is the start of a very happy and worthwhile pastime leading to gentle social, physical and mental exercise and recreation!  Look out for it!  Please look ahead and book well in advance here.

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